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Injury Management and Safety

Ensuring the safety and quick recovery of injured personnel through detailed Return-to-Work strategies, close monitoring and communication, and early identification and prevention of injuries and injury potential

28-29 May 2018
Melbourne, Australia

Conference Workshop

Key Factors for Success in the Implementation of Good Work Design (a Participative Ergonomics Process)

Workshop Moderator: Sara Pazell

Company: Managing Director and Principal Consultant Viva Health Group

Why You Should Attend

Injury Management and Safety

Workplace related injuries cost the Australian economy an estimated $60.6 billion each year, however, the economic cost could be mitigated if workers receive early intervention, which covers treatment and rehabilitation, after suffering a physical or psychological injury plus they will likely experience greater health and return to work outcomes.

marcus evans Injury Management and Investigation event will discuss key issues for injury managers including managing employee well-being, what to do in the event of an incident, return to work strategies, reducing absentism levels, managing workplace culture towards injured employees, preparing strategies that deal with physical and emotional injury, and more.

Key Topics

  • Capturing Injury Information Using Data Analytical Processes
  • Implementing Standard, All-Inclusive Investigative Procedures to Manage a Wide-Range of Injury Types
  • Injury Management and Mental Health: Engaging with Injured Personnel to Prevent the Emergence of Secondary Health Issues
  • Reassessing Your Injury Management Safety Processes to Manage Loopholes and Boost Safety Standards
  • Redeploying Injured Personnel Temporarily and Permanently Unable to Complete their Original Tasks

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    Practical Insights From

    Wayne Richards
    General Manager, Group Health Safety Environment and Quality

    Damien Smith
    Senior Safety Advisor (Commissioning)
    LNG Industry

    Lorraine Henley
    Health, Hygiene & Wellbeing Manager

    Marian Merrigan
    National Health and Wellbeing Manager

    Catherine Duncan
    Ichthys Project - Senior Injury Management Advisor
    LNG Industry

    Debra Brown
    Safety Lead - Victoria

    Nicole Everingham
    General Manager, Health & Safety
    Hoyts Entertainment

    Melanie McGaw
    Director, Organisational Safety and Wellbeing
    Department of Education

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • Having practical company examples made it such an enjoyable event. Incitec Pivot
    • Presenters gave good case studies with real examples. NuFarm
    • Good content and relevant topics. Citipower/Powercor
    • Varied and interesting speakers. United Energy & Multinet Gas
    • Organisation and communication was excellent. A good cross section of speakers, loved the fact that we can learn a lot from other industries. Monash Health
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