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Future Warehouse 2018

Building your competitive edge through innovative and advanced leadership strategies, automation and operational excellence

18-19 Jun 2018
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition, Australia

Conference Workshop

Tomorrow’s Safety in Warehousing

Safety has evolved in workplaces to a culture of care, but what happens when the safest a workplace can be is to eliminate workers?

Workshop Moderator: Sarah Jane Dunford

Company: Founder and Director,Riskology Consulting and Safety Academy of Australia

Why You Should Attend

Future Warehouse 2018

From this two day Marcus Evans Future Warehouse 2018 conference, you will be brought up to speed on recent developments in the industry as well as identify best practices that will improve warehouse operations and efficiency. With the advent of the innovations in technology, practitioners need to keep up to remain competitive.

This is one of the only conferences focusing specifically on warehousing operations. It features an international keynote from AmazonFresh UK, a panel discussion on innovation in the warehousing industry and an interactive mini workshop on how technology is changing the way we approach safety in the warehouse. Participants can expect to walk away with a wealth of knowledge in topics such as reverse logistics, synergising automation and the human component of the warehousing industry, leveraging cutting edge technology in warehouse operations, preparing for the next technology shift and overhauls in business structure, improving culture in the workplace, and securing management funding for innovations.

Mini Workshop Feature : Tomorrow’s Safety in Warehousing

We are living in exciting times where fax machines are becoming a nostalgic memory. Moore's law is a theory that has held true for decades which states that electrical component technology will double every 12 to 18 months and this has happened since the 1970’s. Safety has evolved in workplaces to a culture of care, but what happens when the safest a workplace can be is to eliminate workers?

Topics that will be covered in this workshop:

·         Aligning your warehousing goals to cope with The 4th Industrial Revolution

·         Capitalising on quantum computing and nano-technology to advance your warehousing safety operations

·         Streamlining innovation in warehouse safety

·         Transforming your warehousing operations to conform to tomorrow’s safety requirements


Key Topics

  • Synergising automation and the human component of warehouse operations for maximum returns
  • Enhancing operational excellence in your warehouse through reverse logistics, inventory control and management
  • Benchmarking change management practices to equip your warehouse for increased customer expectations
  • Aligning goals and objectives between multiple stakeholders to optimise efficiency and accountability
  • Spearheading innovation in warehousing to improve supply chain visibility and third party logistic (3PL) relationships
  • Previous Attendees Include

    Bluescope steel
    Cook Medical
    SPC Ardmona
    Yum Restaurants International
    Tatura Milk industries

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    George Stathos
    General Manager - ANZ Supply Chain
    Fresenius Medical

    Umair Ashraf
    Area Manager
    Amazon Fresh UK

    Garth Deenik
    National Supply Chain Manager
    T&G Global

    Jon Northorpe
    General Manager
    The Spotless Group

    Hennie Van Der Merwe
    Manager - Warehouse Operations

    Dane Straker
    Head of Logistics and Distribution

    Michael Vaughan
    Group Logistics Manager
    The Comfort Group

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “Good number of speakers.” BlueScope Steel
    • “All areas were pretty good.” Australian Wholefoods
    • “Some great presenters that showed true insight into others’ successes.” Hoshizaki Lancer
    • “Very interesting presentations. A lot of good work placed into presentations. ” Pernod Ricard Winemakers
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