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Masterclass: Employee Relations Management and Bullying Prevention 2018

Creating a bully-free environment through timely investigations, providing victim support, and building a positive workplace culture

13-14 Aug 2018
Sydney, Australia

Why You Should Attend

Masterclass: Employee Relations Management and Bullying Prevention 2018

Bullying in the workplace cost the Australian economy $36 billion every year, equivalent to the country’s combines gross profits from petroleum and gold exports. This can be reduced when employees are provided a positive environment to work in, receive appropriate training in relation to the issue and understand how to speak up against bullying.

marcus evans Workplace Bullying Training will highlight key issues among the many others such as the investigation of workplace bullying cases, the development of processes and policies to deal with the issue and to provide victims a continuous support throughout the case.

Key Topics

  • Looking Through the Keyhole – The Dynamics between Workplace Bullying and Employee Relationships
  • Providing Support to Employees and Teams When Workplace Bullying Happens: Keeping Integral Employee Relationships Intact
  • Having The Difficult Talk With Employees: Are My Actions Sexually Harassing My Colleagues?
  • When Things Go South – Best Practices in Investigating Workplace Bullying and Workers Compensation

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    Practical Insights From

    Caroline Dean
    Chairperson Caroline Dean Training
    Coaching and Consultancy

    Joanne Barrett
    Manager Employee Relations
    Powerlink Queensland

    Tracey Greenwood
    Human Resources Manager
    Queensland Airports Limited

    Jim Kelly,
    Director Health and Return to Work
    Safework NSW

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