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Safety and Security for Public Venues & Events 2018

Safeguard your venues and events from old and new threats while delivering operational excellence and continuing the high-value experience for patrons

3-5 Sep 2018
Sydney, Australia

Conference Workshop

Intercepting Concealed, Sharp-edge Weapons and Neutralising the Threat

Workshop Moderator: Peter R. Morgan P.D.S.M. V.P.

Company: Clement Shield Group

Conference Workshop

Employing Behavioural Science to Crowds: How to Make Sure Your Gut Instinct is Right

Workshop Moderator: Dr. Aldo Raineri Discipline Lead - Occupational Health & Safety Department of Transport School of Health, Medical & Applied Sciences


Why You Should Attend

Safety and Security for Public Venues & Events 2018

The Australian government has identified and worked towards mitigating a confirmed danger towards crowded places with its seminal strategy for protecting crowded places last year. The steady pace of deadly terrorist events over recent years has been the impetus for enhanced security at national, municipal and commercial levels, with venue and event professionals showing their dedication to their best practices and to their public by consistently updating and enhancing their policies, equipment and strategies.

Alongside the threat of terrorism everyday threats from increased knife ownership, issues with substances and more provide a demanding drum beat of challenges for professionals.

In order to bring the authorities on these issues together to advance safety and security within the industry and provide best practices, the marcus evansSafety & Security at Public Venues & Events series continues to provide essential insights into concealed weapons, customer service versus the security imperative, landscape limitations, planning design, contractor management, management styles and more topics that canít be found anywhere else, along with an exclusive world-class speaker lineup.

Key Topics

  • Intercepting Concealed, Sharp-edge Weapons and Neutralising the Threat
  • Employing Behavioural Science to Crowds: How to Make Sure Your Gut Instinct is Right
  • Security Imperatives vs. Customer Service and the Balance in Our Ever Changing Environment
  • Working with Landscape Limitations When Planning for an Event
  • Practical Application of Safety and Security Principles at a Major Event
  • Previous Attendees Include

    Australian National University
    City of Casey
    City of Melbourne
    Craft Markets Australia
    Cricket Australia
    Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
    Grand Hyatt Melbourne
    Sydney Attractions Museums
    Victoria National Gallery
    NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet
    Parramatta Park & Western Sydney Parklands
    Melbourne Theatre Company
    Sydney Opera House
    Sydney Theatre Company
    Victoria Police

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    Riskworks Network Pty Ltd
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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Garry Evanson
    Head of Security & Emergency Planning
    Westminster Abbey

    Jenny Muldoon
    Head of Safety & Security Culture
    Sydney Opera House

    Andrew Butterfield
    Assistant Director (State Facilities and Major Projects) Housing, Infrastructure, Sport and Recreation
    Department of Health and Human Services

    Chris Proctor
    Head of Visitor Safety
    Regional Facilities Auckland

    Lee Ross
    Safety & Risk Manager
    Tennis Australia

    Bryn Skilbeck
    Head of Tourism and Major Events, Economic Development Branch, Economic and Community Development
    Sunshine Coast Council

    Lucas Owen
    Security Operations Manager Facilities & Services Division
    The Australian National University

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • An amazing group of speakers, fascinating content. Senior Permit and Events Officer, VICROADS
    • The variety of personnel you sourced to speak were great. Security Manager, HYATT
    • A great range of speakers from various industries that were all every relevant. Operations Coordinator, City of Port Phillip
    • All elements were covered comprehensively Manager, University of Adelaide
    • All elements were covered comprehensively by subject matter experts Manager Sec. Services, UOA
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