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Investigating Workplace Allegations & Credible Reporting

Resolving toxic workplace complaints/bullying through unbiased interviewing and evidence collection to create a safe work environment

15-16 Jun 2020
Venue to be confirmed , Australia

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Investigating Workplace Allegations & Credible Reporting

Workplace investigations can be time consuming and exhausting but that is no excuse to cut corners. The workforce demographics are shifting. New laws are constantly popping up and businesses that conduct a poor workplace investigation risks damaging both its finances and its reputation. Employers should prioritise completing investigations efficiently and with minimal workplace disruption, but also with the utmost care. Recent surveys show that employees often do not bring forth issues of discrimination, harassment and bullying because they either do not believe anything will be done about it if they do, or that they will get blamed and be treated poorly or lose their job. How can companies change this perception and step in early to stop and issue from festering into a huge conflict or scandal?

We are excited to invite you to join and take advantage of this exclusive 2-day training in Australia on “Investigating Workplace Allegations and Credible Reporting.” This highly practical course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to conduct an effective, fair and legally sound workplace investigation. Unlike other events, this training aims to get right into the practical requirements needed for a successful workplace investigation rather than preach about the theoretical benefits of adhering to compliance policies and regulations. How do you get the right answers and solutions in the quickest and fairest manner possible? How to keep your employees feeling safe and protected at all times?  

Key Topics

  • Dealing with Complaints and Deciding When to Investigate
  • Upcscalling the E
  • Screening and Managing Participants in an Investigation
  • Following the Trail: Knowing Where to Look for the Right Evidence
  • Moving from Complaint to Allegation

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    • "A well presented course with good content." Primary Health Care Limited
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