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3rd Annual Incident Investigation and Reconstruction

Creating better safety protocols through proactive incident management, robust root cause analysis and dynamic corrective actions

14-15 May 2020
Sydney, Australia

Why You Should Attend

3rd Annual Incident Investigation and Reconstruction

In this new year, the Australian government will be harshly penalising organisation where negligence causes severe fatalities. The easiest way to combat this would be to say, “Don’t have any workplace accidents”, however that is easier said than done.

Attend the 3rd Annual Incident Investigation and Reconstruction training to equip you and your organisation for what is to come; measure, comprehend and improve safety and health in your organisation via advanced investigation techniques.

Identify the fundamental reason for fatalities, collect evidence without tampering, factor in the human behaviour and create effective control measures for any forecasted risks. Revamp your organisational safety mentality by implementing dynamic investigation techniques to prevent recurrences and minimise losses and damages. Future proof your business for a safer tomorrow by creating a ‘Safety first is Safety always’ culture.

Key Topics

  • Establishing Root Causes of incident which opened the gateway for the incident to occur
  • ‘Believe Nothing That You See and Only Half of What You Hear’: Effective techniques for Gathering Evidence
  • Appropriately Dealing With The ‘Human Error’ and Not Playing The ‘Blame Game’
  • Getting Ahead and Protecting the Organisation from The Amendments in Workplace Health and Safety Act
  • Dealing with Human Factors and Behavioural Analysis to Future Proof Risk Management

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    Practical Insights From

    Dr. Shane Richardson
    Principal Forensic Engineer, Managing Director and Owner
    Delta V Experts

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • "It was a great opportunity to learn and share experiences with colleagues across the industry." - Melbourne Water
    • "I picked up a few pearls of wisdom and comfort that my challenges are not dissimilar from everyone else’s." - Neptune
    • "Informative and thought provoking. Many things to take away." - Peabody
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