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[Virtual+ Training Course] The Exceptional PA, EA, Administrative Online Programme: CPD Certified and Endorsed by IAM

Embracing the Evolution of Executive Assistant role and the changing responsibilities, duties and perception during these challenging times

12-13 Oct 2021
Online - Taking place concurrently in Middle East , South Africa

Why You Should Attend

[Virtual+ Training Course] The Exceptional PA, EA, Administrative Online Programme: CPD Certified and Endorsed by IAM

In a world of uncertainty, we have to be prepared and resilient and make sure that we are able to carry on our duties and responsibilities. It is now more than ever that executive assistants have to be resilient and be the support, their executive needs, when leading through the crisis. These days, an EA in the C-Suite has some of the same competencies as the people they support: Influencing, managing people, power dynamics and executing the business strategy.

This course brings you ground-breaking approach and body of material that tackles critical concern head on for transforming EA’s. It provides the tools and practices that enable Executive Assistants to catapult not only their individual productivity, but also the organisation’s performance to an entirely new level while creating a breakthrough in work and life balance. This new e-series offers an innovative, practical and immediately applicable approach for Executive Assistants at all levels who are committed to dramatically improving their individual productivity— without compromising their own personal goals and aspirations. In addition to significantly elevate effectiveness, participants will be left with Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind in the face of everything that they have to do and handle in their roles and in their life.

Your highly skilled trainer whose personal, interactive and revolutionary training methods has earned her top rating results and wowed every audience she has trained. These two winning combinations of a top-ranked trainer and forefronting programme, make this training an event that you simply cannot miss!

Our Distinguished Trainer

Heather Baker is an International speaker, trainer and author, and the creator of the BakerWrite speedwriting system. Heather is an experienced and enthusiastic trainer with the ability to coach and motivate employees. Her experience, energy, enthusiasm, expertise and excellent presentation skills make her a popular and successful facilitator. She works with PAs, secretaries, administrators and receptionists around the world, enabling them to enhance their working practice for their own career development and their organisations’ success. She is also very aware of the changing nature of the work environment and therefore the role of companies’ employees. She facilitates master classes for PAs and workshops for administrators of all levels. Courses cover areas such as building relationships, productive partnerships between managers and PAs, business acumen and image and professionalism. Topics covered could also include minute taking, business writing, time management, confidence and assertiveness, shorthand and speedwriting. Her sessions not only include the vital basics, but also touch on areas companies didn’t even realise would help them in their daily activities .Heather is the creator of the Baker Write speedwriting system which is now offered by many reputable training organisations, including Pitman Training. She is the author of “Speedwriting”, “Successful Minute Taking: Meeting the challenge”, “Successful Business Writing” and the most recent one is “The Exceptional PA: Move from Good to Great”.


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Key Topics

  • Understanding the importance and impact of communications skills, particularly in times of global crisis
  • Ensuring confident and assertive interactions with your executives
  • Maintaining productivity during a health crisis

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