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Earthing and Bonding 2019

Strengthening earthing and bonding mastery to reduce downtime through key calculations, design and testing of your systems

1-2 Jul 2019
Melbourne, Australia

Conference Workshop

Full-Day Workshop

Earthing and Bonding: Compliance, Installation and Maintenance Practices

Workshop Moderator: Stephen Palmer

Company: Engineering Director, Safearth

Why You Should Attend

Earthing and Bonding 2019

Although assets suffer in terms of degradation over time, immediate damage from electrical surges as a result of improper earthing systems, can take companies offline for a significant business period. Apart from costing businesses millions of dollars in downtime and equipment replacement work, a more disastrous outcome could be that it results in injury and loss of life. Every year workers die from electrical safety incidents due to ignorance and improper training.

Join us for our inaugural marcus evans Earthing and Bonding 2019 conference as it takes on key issues in the engineering and electrical world through practical case studies and a dedicate full-day workshop. Key topics to bediscussed will include the AS 3000 standard, designing your earthing system, calculating earth fault loop impedance, maintaining your grounding assets, and earthing your renewable assets, and much more.

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Key Topics

  • Design Implementation - Standardising Your Earthing Installations for Reliable and Safe Operations of Your Electrical Systems
  • Earthing and Stray Currents in the DC Traction Environment
  • Earthing and Bonding for Hazardous Areas in Gas Plants
  • Identifying the Specifics of Bonding and Assessing the Need for Segregation
  • Testing Methods of Earthing Installations to Ensure Safe Current Levels and Compliance with Relevant Standards

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    Practical Insights From

    Lamey Tawfik
    Senior Electrical Engineer

    Sarmilan Subramanian
    Maintenance and Reliability Engineer
    Consulting for Woodside

    Himanshu Upadhyay
    Senior Electrical Design Engineer
    Downer Renewables

    Usman Mahmood
    Electrical Services Engineer
    Energy Australia

    Partha Sinha
    Senior Engineer I&E

    John Torrington
    Test Manager- Major Projects
    Downer Rail

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • Very informative and the presenters know the course well – SEQ Water
    • Good overview of electricity and testing – FMG
    • Content was relevant and a valuable learning exercise – J+P Richardson
    • Content was explained in a straight forward simple way that helped my understanding of the complex earthing problem – Shepherd Electrical
    • The value and boosts were terrific – Caltex
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    Level 5, 89 York Street
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