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Psychosocial Risk Management 2019

Combating workplace stressors through conflict resolution and positive workplace strategies to achieve optimum productivity levels

16-18 Sep 2019
Brisbane, Australia

Conference Workshop

Featuring an Interactive Mini Workshop:

Measuring Workplace Stressors to Identify Successful Preventative Strategies

Workshop Moderator: Tessa Bailey

Company: Research Associate, Centre for Workplace Excellence

Why You Should Attend

Psychosocial Risk Management 2019

Work-related stress presents a huge financial strain on companies in terms of productivity. High costs associated with mental health injuries compounds the pressure on companies to actively prevent psychosocial risks from affecting employees.

marcus evans Psychosocial Risk Management 2019 conference offers strong case study-driven content and an intimate setting for networking opportunities. Participants come from wide range of industries with firsthand experience in managing workplace psychosocial risk.

Join us to learn more about the strategies and best practices in managing workplace conflict, data capturing and usage of psychosocial risk stressors, Emotional Intelligence (EI) training among employees, and other new approaches organisations need to take when managing workplace stressors.

The conference features a mini workshop on Measuring Workplace Stressors to Identify Preventative Strategies as well as a panel discussion on Developing and Qualifying a Successful Mental Health Campaign and a full day interactive workshop on how to manage workplace conflict.

Secure your place at our 3rd Annual Psychosocial Risk Management now!

Key Topics

  • Quantifying Psychosocial Risks to Implement Measurable Preventative Strategies against Workplace Stressors
  • Creating a Personalised Mental Health Campaign and Evaluating its Success in the Workplace to Promote Mental Health Awareness
  • Implementing Flexible Working Arrangements under Different Conditions to Improve Productivity and Reduce Workplace stress
  • Investigation Procedures into Psychosocial Risk Cases: Utilising Useful Tools and Identifying Key Points to Develop In-House Investigation Procedures
  • Establishing Good Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Communication Practices to Strengthen Positive Behaviours

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    Practical Insights From

    Lucas Finch
    Health & Wellbeing Specialist
    Sydney Water

    Teegan Modderman
    Director Psychological Health
    Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

    Martyn Campbell
    Head of SafeWork SA
    SafeWork South Australia

    Tessa Bailey
    Research Associate
    Centre for Workplace Excellence

    Emma Dunstan
    Program Manager WorkWell
    WorkSafe Victoria

    Joey Anca
    Human Risk Manager
    Metro Trains Melbourne

    Darren Cook
    Manager Compliance & support
    Qantas Engineering, Qantas

    Chris Smith
    Pilot Wellness Manager
    Jetstar Australia and New Zealand, Jetstar Group

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