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[Virtual+ Training Course] Scenario Analysis for Leaders

Predicting the future in order to make the right decisions to be positioned for success

3-4 May 2021
Online, Australia

Why You Should Attend

[Virtual+ Training Course] Scenario Analysis for Leaders

Your company’s leadership team has the important task of formulating a winning strategy, not only so you will be successful today, but also successful in the future. But do you know how the future may evolve for your business? That’s where your plans will play out.

This is a perennial challenge for business leaders and decision makers in every organisation. The pandemic forced us to rethink processes and methods, reevaluate our needs and find (or invent) new ways to get things done. In doing so, we’ve been laying the foundations of a new recovery business terrain and are now starting to plan for scalable growth under new circumstance, new conditions, new game rules. This is why scenario planning is an absolute necessity. We have not seen all the changes play out yet, society has become transitional, the client fickle, technology full of promise, and confusion.

This course will teach you the process of scenario planning from A to Z, so you can visualise how the recovery landscape could realistically materialise. You can then develop a meaningful response for all possibilities. With the change taking firm shape for all of us in the next year or two, it is vital that scenario planning becomes part of your strategic toolkit now.

Trainer Profile

Woody Wade, Managing Director,  Wade & Co. SA

Woody Wade is a scenario planning specialist, author, and facilitator. He helps organisations recognise and understand the critical uncertainties that have the greatest potential to change their “future business landscape” – and thus have an important impact on their long-term success. Woody is a frequent speaker on how the future is unfolding, convincing managers to think about their future business environments in terms of alternative scenarios. He has conducted scenario generation workshops and spoken at business events in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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Key Topics

  • What the Recovery Stage of 2021/2022 will Actually Look Like
  • Recognising the Critical Uncertainties
  • Definition of the Four Scenarios
  • The Scenarios in Detail
  • Applying Scenarios in Practice: What’s In It For Us?
  • Previous Attendees Include

    Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DTP) South Australia
    Australia Post
    Endeavour Energy
    Primary Health Care Limited

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “I thought there was a great mix of research\theory coupled with actual working case studies.“ Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DTP) South Australia
    • “Engagement and a small group made all the difference!” Australia Post
    • “Case studies provided great examples in different industries that can be leveraged in my market area.” Olympus
    • “Relaxed atmosphere with a good mix of different industries.” Endeavour Energy
    • “A well presented course with great practical content.” Primary Health Care Limited
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